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Dedicated to excellence in the practice of immigration law and criminal defense at all levels. Our clients include Individuals, families and businesses from all around the world. The vast majority of clients are referred to us by other satisfied clients or other lawyers with clients seeking the finest immigration law and or criminal defense representation available.

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Immigration and Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Legal Team at the Flores Law Firm Help Clients Facing Immigration Challenges

Our commitment to competent and zealous representation is directed toward the client’s best interests and needs. We remain abreast of current and developing changes in criminal and immigration law through participation in continuing education opportunities. We are proud of the team approach our law firm has earned among satisfied clients and immigration professionals in providing competent and effective client services. Our team of highly experienced professionals comprises many years’ experience in immigration and criminal law.

Immigration Attorneys

The Flores Law Firm represents individuals and businesses throughout Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast in all matters related to U.S. immigration and naturalization. Many individuals who are attempting to relocate to the United States feel insignificant and confused when dealing with the immigration branch of the U.S. Government. For individuals seeking residence or businesses attempting to import talented labor, the red tape and bureaucracy involved in obtaining visas can be extraordinarily daunting. It is the mission of the Flores Law Firm to provide leverage to people who are attempting to relocate to the United States for work or family. Our immigration lawyers have forged solid reputations by getting results for our clients.

Criminal Defense

Our law firm helps people who are currently facing charges and people who have already been convicted or plead guilty to crimes in state court.

  • If you are facing criminal charges: We can advise you about whether and how a conviction will affect your status in the United States and help you minimize the consequences.
  • If you have already been convicted of a crime: We can advise you about whether a conviction will affect you, seek to withdraw your guilty plea or take other steps to assist you.

In addition to having a deep understanding of the court system and criminal defense, our lawyers understand the issues faced by noncitizens. We can help you with many kinds of legal problems. Don’t let a criminal conviction jeopardize your current or future legal status in the United States.